6. Jet City Woman [Queensrÿche - Live in Auburn Hills 1991/10/25]

This is the infamous show at the Palace of Auburn Hills. This show has been widely bootlegged by Queensrÿche fans throughout the years. It was recorded in the VIP box of the venue, where the venue would capture and live-edit whatever show was being played. A fan took advantage of this, and recorded many shows directly from that feed - including this show. The show is mostly complete (missing the 2nd half of 'The Lady Wore Black', as well as 'Silent Lucidity'), and has fairly good quality, given this is a 1st or 2nd generation transfer.As for the video, being it's a copy with one or two generations behind it, the video suffers from VHS noise as well as colour spots and streaks. I've run the video through some filters to reduce as much as I could (just like I did with Pittsburgh '84) - more can probably be removed given more time, and with use of advanced scripting, but until someone is able to do that, I figured this is just fine. This version has an audio drop in 'Resistance' that continues part way into 'Walk in the Shadows', so I've boosted and EQ'd that part so the audio level is more consistent (although with slightly worse quality).As mentioned earlier, it's mostly complete, since it cuts out right before the 2nd chorus in 'The Lady Wore Black', and as such we're missing the rest of that song, as well as 'Silent Lucidity' which was played afterwards; 'Take Hold of the Flame' may have been played afterwards, but it was most likely left out on this show, since the band plays 'Last Time in Paris'.The show is a great documentation of Queensrÿche at their commercial peak, it contains some great renditions of the songs played, as well as a nice view of their stage show and overall production.Enjoy!