WoW: Weakauras for ALL classes - Legion Ready!

SO LONG VIDEO :O Thank gut for time-stamps. Use these to skip to the classes you are looking for. I use Wago.IO for string uploads. All strings are up-to date for what I use now days :)Other sites thats great for WA's: I hope you can use my strings for inspiration. Alter them to your liking. I believe that these strings are game ready at 110, but some might lack legendary artifact ability? It took me a lot of time to set-up UI's, WA's on all these char's but it's also what I do enjoy somewhat I guess :PAND LASTLY, AGAIN SUPER CREDITS TO ALL THE [email protected] These not are not my own made strings obviously. I just altered many of them heavily to my own liking, even cutting some things I deemed not worth it.If you need some know-how on how to change strings, re-size etc, lighter things I did a video for that: shaman: 00:20String: 3:22Abbilities: bar: tank/dps: 4:43Monk - Transcendence Positioning (might be broken in 7.1?): stuff:Bar: 2 brews: cd: used: CDs: rogue: 10:10String: it just looks better with slice and dice. So clean like say my MM hunter. The hole ability sucks ass to use anyway, so go for it if you just a casual player or playing it as alt imo! One day they will sure buff the talent:p Added a 3rd bar for slice and dice now too!MM hunter: 13:39String: 16:22Strings:CD's: 20:00Frost: (note using frost rune bar)Added a little neet thing with DND, it shows up with duration of buff, if you stand inside where you dropped it, kinda like my prot paladin.Runes and runic power bar alone: frost witch I personally like a lot more: (Remove Death strike Icon if you don't need it)Originale string here, just to let you know how much I usually change a string I find: 25:43Ret stuff:Rotation helper + proc and kick: power: CD's: - Again consecration is sooo good. HIGHLY recommend this string along with rotation helper for ret.Fire mage: 32:07Abbilities: CD's: 37:16Fury: Again it helps on rotation with icons appearing when it makes sense to use them etc, kinda useful. Prot1: 2: (the art I talked about, can skip)Druid: 45:01Feral: Sorry for clunky UI demonstration. Didn't want to load profiles I usually play with.Guardian: I fixed the healing thing. Basicly you can't track CD on charges this way for frenzied, but you now can see in % how much healing and charges. SOO good! I kept the old icon - I might just use that instead, and then have the "new one" being not in center, but as a big icon cause if you heal 12% or 44% of HP in 1-3 sec's changes....important to react.