WoW Legion PVE Frost Mage 7.1 Guide (Outdated)

World of Warcraft Frost mage 7.1This is a discussion of the talents, rotations and stat priority for the dps specialization for the frost mage.1:16 Shitty Log Rank Data1:27 Talents7:52 Artifact Path13:57 Rotation and demo20:05 StatsLink to the Single Target Talents: to the AoE Talents: to Cleave Talents:"Ice Flow" Kevin MacLeodLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0♤ RueshTV ♤Subscribe!: ♠ ♠Twitch: ♠ ♠Twitter: ♠ ♠This is a World of Warcraft - Heroes of the Storm and Clash Royale Youtube Channel. I am not good at most things, but I try my best at trying. I am playing Mage for Legion, which will end up being most of the videos I will be making in the Future.