What is Jamia Al-Karam?

Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Mian with some very emotional words about the essence of Jamia Al-Karamwww.facebook.com/JamiaAlKaramwww.facebook.com/1TeamJAKTranslation:WHAT IS JAMIA AL-KARAM?By Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Mian"What a sublime journey this is.. it began with Karam, the Amin of Hasanat was granted to it, and the Imdad of Hussain accompanied it.. the Ahl al-Sunnah all gathered as one, the spiritual tariqahs and khanqahs all amassed together.. who can affect that institution with an evil eye, even if the devil's eye is itself brought forth.. who can affect that institution with an evil eye, upon which there lies the eye of the Qadiris, the eye of the Chishtis, the eye of the Suharwardis, the eye of the Naqshbandis and the eye of all Sunnis true in their creed.Now I want to say that to build an institution, it was the work of Imdad Hussain, a Pirzada came and came forward he did laying in front of us the foundation of an institution... however, he did not do all this for his own household, Shaykh Amin al-Hasanat Shah did not develop this institution here so that it benefits them in Bhera, Pakistan.. this Jamia Al-Karam is for you, for your coming generations.. now you must fulfil the requirements of Jamia Al-Karam!If you thought that Jamia Al-Karam was simply some kind of building comprising of walls and a roof, then you have indeed forgotten -- your next generations.. your son, in the days to come will he even consider you a father.. your daughter, in the days to come will she give you the respect you deserve..From the oncoming winds, we can for sure gage and assess the strength of the approaching storm.. in the cool gusts and breezes of the Western civilisation, what if the human conscious is too rendered cold, and what if the warmth of relationship and kinship freezes up.. in the heat of waywardness, in the heat of obscenity and in the heat of indecency, what if the dignity and self-respect of your future generations too melts away.. there is a need for you to now come into the shade of this Karam.. And do not consider this Jamia Al-Karam just for today, but for tomorrow, for your future.. for your children, for your coming generations, consider it such a centre in which rubbish may come but it will leave transformed and healthy.. a commoner may come but will leave a servant of the sublime Messenger Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace).Such an education will be given here that will earn the pleasure of the One of Madinah.. such an education will be given here that will please the one in Baghdad.. such an education will be given here that will capture the heart of the one in Ajmer.. and such an education will be given here which guarantees that not a single one of our children is left in a state of begging in the future.. rather our child will gaze eye to eye with the universities and eye to eye with the colleges.. our child will have expertise in contemporary sciences and today's time period and will be able to fulfil the requirements of the present age and its demands.. in other words our child will come out of Jamia Al-Karam bold in social standing with dignity and will have the essence of Madinah firmly in his heart and spirit.. He will have knowledge of the world and knowledge of the religion with him.. The name of this beauteous bond and relation between religion and the modern world is Jamia Al-Karam."