Warframe - Hotfix 20.6.2 Oberon Prime Drops (Drop Locations)

There here, hotfix 20.6.2 brings oberon prime, vilva & aegis prime and ofcorse the sybaris prime out of the void.They drop from these relics:Oberon Primechassis Axi H2systems Axi O1Blueprint Meso N4Neuroptics Meso O1Silva & Aegis PrimeBlade Axi C2Blueprint Meso V5Guard Neo S6Hilt Neo V5Sybaris PrimeBlueprint Axi B2Stock Lith N3Barrel Meso S5Reciever Neo N6For full info on hotfix 20.6.2 head over to the forums over at:https://forums.warframe.com/topic/801...outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)Official Warframe fan channel since 2014