Stick to Your Guns- Watsky ft. Julia Nunes

FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD: to Your Guns ft. Julia Nunes (@JuliaNunes)Produced by Kush Mody (@kushmody)Written by George Watsky and Kush ModyMixed by Andrew OedelMastered by Howie WeinbergAdditional production by Frans MernickTrumpets and horn arrangement-- Max Miller-LoranCello-- Daniel Limrecorded at Seahorse Studios, Los AngelesStick to Your GunsVerse 1I’ll be gone when you read this so I just wanted to sayI’m sorry to the couple decent people who got in the wayand maybe there was a point at which it all coulda been differentBut this is the position we’re in and it’s pointless to wish that it isn’tYou’ll all be gawking when I walk in the doorCocking my shotgun hammer and you drop to the floorThe clocks shatter I scatter the jock horde and splatter the chalkboardit matters a lot more, than half of you thoughtWhen you were knocking me like I’m a laughingstockand a weakling a freak and creep, I was mocked and ignoredYou’re sorry now but talk is cheap-- shoulda thought it beforeYou’re the sorry flock of sheep who made me rot to coreand of course you’ll make a break to escape through the corridordon’t be late— I’m trynna arrange a date with the coronerand our fate’s are sealed, all you fakesdon't worry this will all be over soon ChorusYou got your finger on the trigger, kidYou got your finger on the trigger, kidLine it up, line it up, line it upAnd hit me with the truth Verse 2Thanks for tuning into the top-rated crew in the newsfeels great to us that we’re the one that viewers would choose!I’m hearing through my producerwe’ve got the scoop on the name and the favorite food of the shooterplus an interview with a studentwho’s been fed through a tube— she was shot in the headwe’re gonna bring you a segment live from her hospital bed!we’ll try to bring you the spin through your preexisting opinionsbut if we miss it switch it to our sister network insteadof course we know this situation is tragicbut take a minute to appreciate our fabulous graphicsand we’ll be back in action with up to the second reportsafter a couple of words from all our loyal sponsors of courseso like us, vine us, and tweet to connect24/7 we’re giving ya what you’re cravingwe live to deliver live the kinda coverage you’ve come to expectwe’re always here for you Verse 3We come together in this hour of needto the honor the innocent victims of this cowardly deedof course I share your sentiment as your voice in the senatebut let’s accept nothing ever could have been done to prevent itit’s just the strange inner visions of a deranged individualfull of rage, full of hate, full of vitriolBut I gotta mention that it’s sick and insanemy opponent’s twisting your pain for political gainthat’s lameand I think it’s a damn shameit doesn’t give anyone power to cast blamebecause the past is past, and it’s best that we keep things the sameSo my Chads and my Stacey’s, go back to the mallFill your bags up at Macy’s, and chat in the hallAnd I hope I’m the vote that you cast in the fallcause I care for you, it’s true BridgeStick to your gunsStick to your gunsStick to your gunsStick to your guns