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LIVE at: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC...Spin2Win by Binx is a chance for Gamers and Streamers to win a free steam game key every hour; a unique crowdplay giveaway opportunity that shares sponsor-donated prizes.★ Get started quickly by following these steps: https://binx.guru/faqs/getting-starte...★ Learn more about how to play here: http://binx.guru/spin2win/★ More ways to verify account: https://www.binx.guru/faqs/methods-to...------------2 WAYS TO GET FREE STEAM GAMES----------------1) You can WIN a random game:• Visit http://binx.tv and click “login” button, then “register”. To earn up to 60 BinxCoins per spin, be sure to complete all tabs under User Settings• You can enter the Giveaway by typing (!spin) when the timer in the live stream reaches zero• Typing (!spin) in chat multiple times does NOT increase your chances and only slows down the YouTube Binx Bot. Wait for the Binx Bot to notify you in chat that you have been entered• You can check all the games you can win in the GIVEAWAY POOL: http://binx.tv/~giveaways• Spin2Win currently runs 24/72) You can EXCHANGE BinxCoins for a game you pick:• You can use your BinxCoins to redeem for games in the BINX EXCHANGE: http://binx.tv/~exchange★ New games are frequently added to the Giveaway Pool and the Binx Exchange!------------All ABOUT COINS----------------→ HOW TO EARN BINX COINS:★ After creating an account at http://binx.tv type (!spin) when the timer in the live stream reaches zero to earn up to 60 BinxCoins★ Check how many coins you have with the command (!coins)→ WHAT BINXCOINS ARE FOR: ★ You can use your BinxCoins to redeem for games in the BINX EXCHANGE: http://binx.tv/~exchange★ You can use 500 coins (!extraspin 500) to get an extra entry in the spin wheel, increasing your chances of winning★ BinxCoins are needed to play chat games→ HOW TO MAKE MORE BINXCOINS:★ You can play chat games like "RGB", "GuessThatWord" & "Guess Race 2000"★ You can place games you won from Spin2Win on the Binx Exchange for BinxCoins★ Type (!commands) in chat to list all available chat commands-----------COLLECT KEY---------------→ I won the spin how do I collect the game key?• Make sure to verify your Binx account by linking your Steam account (http://binx.tv/~settings_steam). Your Steam account needs to be set to public, not private.• Link your YouTube, Twitch (follow), Steam and social accounts for maximum BinxCoins per spin entry• Go to your Inventory (http://binx.tv/~inventory) and redeem your free key! • Game keys must be accepted within 30 days or they will be automatically recycled• Keep a look out for our E-mail newsletters for more ways to win!• Learn more about how to collect your prize here: http://binx.guru/spin2win/------------MOD CHAT COMMANDS--------------!how to enter: !coin uses: !spin2win: !game list: !collect: !extraspin is:(These commands are mostly used by mods, but feel free to use them to help new people out if you like)-----------CHAT GAMES---------------♛ How to play RGB game?• Type (!game-rgb) to start the game• Once started you have 5 minutes before all bets are stopped and the results are shown in chat• Type (!bet-rgb 10 blue) (10 can be any number depending on the coins you have)♛ How to play Guess That Word?• Type (!wordhint) to see the hint for the word you need to guess• Then use (!word 1 yourguess) (1 is the coin pay to guess the word. It can only be 1)• To view list of past Word Game winners and prizes: http://binx.tv/~winners♛ How to play Guess Race 2000?• Pick a number between 0 and 2000 • Use command (!race 10 999) (999 is your guess as to what the secret number is)• First person to correctly guess the secret number wins the Prize Pot------------CHAT RULES--------------• Keep it clean.• Don't threaten others.• Don't solicit subs.• No racist remarks or discrimination.• Keep personal information personal.• If possible, use English in chat.• Tip to become mod: be regular and helpful in chat we may pick you when we require more mods. • No alternate/fake/duplicate accounts. You may only use one account to enter Spin2Win Giveaways. Using alternate accounts is a violation of our rules and will subject your accounts to being banned. Plus it's just not fair to the other players!• Impersonating Binx or member is a bannable offense.------------SOCIALS--------------Get in Touch & Follow Us On:• Twitter: https://twitter.com/binxtv• Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/binxtv• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/binxtv• Discord & Help Desk: https://goo.gl/DQ1tEy• Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Binx/• Business Inquiries: [email protected]