Sig Sauer P226 .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol - Initial Review

So here’s my first impressions of the new Sig Sauer P226 air pistol that’s being distributed by the guys at Highland Outdoors here in the UK, and to be honest, so far i’m not impressed... As i said in the video it was a bit cold, so i won’t judge the shot count issues too much just yet, but the accuracy... that’s another matter. It was shocking! Air pistols should be able to hit targets at 10 yards and this sig just couldn’t manage it. Now I’d love to be one of those channels that loves every new product that comes to market but unlike many i have to buy products myself, so when i’ve invested my own money in a product that just doesn’t cut it i have to be honest, as i don’t want you guys being in the same boat as me... so until i can get out and test this pistol more, maybe even at an indoor range, i’d hang fire, as there are just too many issues in my mind to be able to recommend this pistol over many of the other pistols in its price point.So my initial review – “save your money for something else”If you want to check out more of our reviews feel free to subscribe and if you’re on facebook feel free to give our page a like! We post plenty of tests up there for you all to see and they’re not all negative ones honest! Thanks for watching guys!