Saw Traps (Corrected For Time)

C'mon Jigsaw, you jerk. These people needed more time. This is a collection of traps from the Saw films with the sequences corrected to reflect the timer countdowns. More information is below.--------------------00:00 Pound of Flesh (Saw VI)02:30 Hear No Evil (Saw VII)04:25 The Love Triangle (Saw VII)06:57 The Collars (Saw V)09:15 The Steam Maze (Saw VI)11:57 The Glass Jars (Saw V)13:36 The Garage (Saw VII)15:38 See No Evil (Saw VII)Please note that I originally had the Fish Hook game from Saw VII as well but that one scene was creating massive ContentID blocking issues so I had to take it out. Sorry. The video should be available to everyone now.-------------------The Time Inconsistency ProblemA problem with some of the Saw films was an inconsistency between the timer countdowns in the games and how long it takes the participants to complete the goal. (Example: if a game has a timer set for 60 seconds, the amount of time that actually passes is well over 60 seconds). There is no real explanation for why this inconsistency exists.I know it can be argued "but during times of stress the passage of time can seem slower", but that doesn't explain why this is a problem almost entirely exclusive to the later Saw films. I did actually go to the earlier films (Saw 1 through 4) to correct traps, but I discovered that those films' traps were pretty accurate with the timers. The time inconsistency problem exists only for the later films.Why?I think what is happening is that the individuals who made the later films felt a need to suspend and prolong the tension of trap scenes for dramatic purposes (for the audience). However this need to prolong tension directly conflicts with the writing of said scenes in how long the games are meant to be. The earlier films were able to balance the timer length and scene tension extremely well, (The Venus Flytrap from 2 being a perfect example, Michael is given 60 seconds to take off the mask and the scene is exactly 60 seconds) but the later films started packing in more content than what should have been allowed.What this results in is a complete breaking of the scene's immersion. We as viewers are pretty good at maintaining a sense of the passage of time, and when a game has way more content than what the film tells us there should be, it breaks the scene.Saw VII in particular had a huge time problem. The amount of content in the traps was absurdly more than the timers in the traps. The reason so many Saw VII traps are in this video is because Saw VII was basically one giant time inconsistency. The problem actually gets so bad in Saw VII that, in the garage game, I was having compression issues because the time inconsistency was so drastic I couldn't compress correctly with the software I use.I also know a possible explanation is "the movies had some slowed down parts" but the traps in this video don't have slowed down parts (besides one or two extremely brief reaction shots), but even then there's still the problem that the earlier films had quick cut montages and slow reaction shots that still fit within the timer's limitation. So why is this a problem for just the later films, then?Maybe Jigsaw and Hoffman rigged the timers to be intentionally slower at the exact moments when the camera wasn't looking at the timers? But that would suggest they knew they were in a Saw movie. I Corrected the Traps1.) I used a blank event as a helpful guide that was as long as a game's timer (Example 60 seconds)2.) I would chop off the "intro" and "outro" of the traps.3.) Then I would take the remaining clip and splice it every time the camera would go to a "hey the timer is ticking down" close up shot of the timer.4.) I would deduce how much time had passed on the timer for each spliced segment (Example if the timer begins at 60 and ends at 35, then 25 seconds passed).5.) Then I would compress/expand (yes, expand) the clips to reflect the timer (Example 60 seconds passed on screen but only 25 passed on the timer, I would compress from 60 seconds to 25 seconds).6.) Then I reattached the beginning and closing segments and put in a custom timer on the bottom right to show the corrected time.