SHOT Show 2017 Sig Sauer ASP Interview

Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on to re-upload this video, first one had a logo issue...My First SHOT Show 2017 Las Vegas Interview to kick things off! Dani Navickas from Sig Sauer ASP talks with me about three new CO2 blowback air pistols Sig Sauer ASP is introducing this year just in time for spring season.The Sig Sauer ASP P320 will be replacing last years P250, don't worry the Sig Sauer ASP P226 is not going anywhere! The P320 is a CO2 Blowback Pellet pistol similar to the previous P250 but this new model has a 30 round belt fed magazine rather than a dual sided 16 round rotary magazine. I love that Sig Sauer ASP is coming out with new innovations like this for us Airgun enthusiasts! The Sig Sauer ASP P320 has a metal slide and polymer frame like it's big powder burning brother and throws pellets at around 430 fps average. Don't expect a ton of shots per CO2, you will be lucky to get two magazine out of a single 12 gram CO2 but I am sure the extra power is worth it.Read the rest of my written post with additional photos over on the Replica Airguns Blog: from the YouTube Audio Library - Vibe Tracks - TFB9Buy BB, Airsoft, Pellet and Blank guns in the Canada Store: BB, Airsoft, Pellet and Blank guns in the US Store: