Retribution Paladin Weak Auras Setup 6.2

::: Non spanish speaking viewers please check below :::Este es mi setup de Weak Auras para Paladin Retribution actualizado al parche 6.2. Incluye un panel principal de ayuda a la rotación sugerencia del siguiente hechizo a usar así como grupos de poder sagrado, sello activo, hechizos ofensivos y defensivos y otro para trinkets, procs, poción, duración de cooldowns y tiempo de enfriamiento, para las tres opciones de selección de talentos de nivel 100 . Info y lineas de código para este setup de Weak Auras en mi blog en Video song: Hold On To Me Featuring Sidekicks - Electro Light ----This is my Weak Auras setup for my Retribution Paladin, updated for patch 6.2. It includes a main track with rotation helper groups, a helper pannel for spells and attacks and a 'next spell' suggestion aura. It also includes several separate groups to track holy power, active seals, empowered seals / seraphim effect (if chosen), trinket procs, potion buff, heroism, offensive and defensive cooldowns duration tracking as well as their cooldown time track. Suitable for all 3 level 100 talent choices.For more info and auras strings for this and my other setups please visit my personal blog at . Browse Weak Auras category in my blog for more setups.Note for non spanish viewers: Even though my game language setting has always been english, my personal blog is mainly in spanish. I will translate Weak Auras Setups entries for multilanguage purposes and better understanding. You can of course contact me in English :)