Retribution Paladin - Everything You Need To Know (PvE)

EP's Ret Pally, Mudfaerie shares exactly what you need to know to play your Ret Paladin at the highest level! Rebdull's guide on wowhead:'s guide on Official forums:'s guides on Youtube: Discord Server: Power is a 13/13 Mythic HFC Raiding Guild on Arthas. For more on Exiled Power visit and Addons-----------------Holy Power: Abilities: Cooldowns: Buffs: Addons: Bartender, Masque and Pitbull-----------------Bookmarks-----------------Stats: 00:28Rotation: 00:49Talents: 02:05Artifact: 06:08Legendaries: 08:04Utility: 09:57Resources: 13:35-----------------Follow Raider-----------------Twitch - Armory -Previous Video 1 - Previous Video 2 ------------------Follow Exiled Power-----------------Website - http://www.exiledpower.comTwitch - - Progress - Logs -