Punch-Out!! (Nintendo Wii) - Part 1

Since Little Mac from the "Punch-Out!!" series reignited my interest in the new "Super Smash Bros." installment, I decided, "Why not I celebrate a bit late with 'Punch-Out!!' for the Nintendo Wii?" I must also admit that if it were not for the confirmation of Little Mac as a fighter, I would not have considered buying the next SSB, nor would I have had the interest in attending the Invitational Tournament.Anyways, with that said, here is my silent playthrough of "Punch-Out!!". It has been a while since I last played this game, so do not expect me to be up to par with other die-hard "Punch-Out!!" fans.We will be starting this series off with both the Minor and Major Circuits, which means we will go from Glass Joe to Don Flamenco!