Punch-Out! (NES) Video Walkthrough Part 1 - The Minor Circuit

The original Punch-Out. Probably the best so-called boxing game ever made. I say that because it's not really boxing, it's more reflexes and puzzle solving than anything resembling boxing. But the opponents are fun and cartoonish and the game gave a lot of people a lot of frustration back in the day. And a lot of satisfaction. I mean, sure, everyone knows the secret to beating King Hippo or Bald Bull nowadays, but trust me, actually doing it for the first time feels good.So I did a little searching, entered a couple of sneaky codes, and got my Animal Crossing doppelganger his very own copy of Punch-Out! And now I'm playing it.This isn't the Tyson version, but that hardly matters - except for a reskin of the last guy, the game is exactly the same.The Minor Circuit is laughably easy. Glass Joe is famous for his ineptitude. Von Kaiser, once you learn his secret, is probably even easier to beat. And the champ, Piston Honda (SCREW "Hondo"), looks intimidating but his defense is as paper thin as the others. So, let's fight!Commentary in annotations.