Paradigm Worlds Warband Mod Gameplay - Part 1 (CRAZIEST MOD EVER? - Let's Play Paradigm Worlds)

Like scary games with funny moments? Click here ►▼ CLICK SHOW MORE! USEFUL LINKS BELOW! ▼Download Paradigm Worlds ► out my Patreon for awesome rewards ► to become a Reformer ► you to all my Patrons for their on-going support!Names featured here are part of the $10 and above tier reward and are updated every month.Chad NedbalEthan FroeseRoberto HeeseDaniel SincereCallum StephenBETAsatchelKevin LustWhat is Paradigm Worlds ?Quote by mod creator:"Lets imagine everything we know about Roman Empire. As a center of culture, military and administrative organization etc. Lets call it a Roman Empire paradigm.Now try to recall everything we know about Star Wars. This is knowledge about fictional world, with other than our physics, political situation, etc. It comes from movies, books, comics. Never the less let's call it Star Wars paradigm.In this game you will experience life with cultures that are created from most different culture, social, political paradigms.I wonder, there are great "Tolkien" or "Star Wars" mods (for a lot of games, but Mount and Blade is an ideal example). But I have never seen mod that would combine all this worlds into a huge cosmogenic Babel tower.So this is it. I hope that this mod, which I created to see what would happen if so different worlds would meet, is rather a terrarium with interesting ants, than a tower of biblical chaos.In my opinion cultures such different are impossible to co-exist in one story only at first glance. Than after some time, you'll see (I hope) what I saw: alittle chaostic, but working mechanism created from very different parts."Paradigm Worlds Warband Mod Gameplay - Part ( - Let's Play Paradigm Worlds) link ►