LEGO Dimensions Year 2: "Teen Titans Go!" Starfire Fun Pack? New Level Packs & Power-Puff Girls?

Lego dimensions gameplay today shows Easter eggs towards the possible waves new levels and adventure worlds for Teen Titans Go!, Power Puff Girls, and LEGO City. Beast boy is shown many times with Raven could that mean "Team Pack"? Also lego dimensions original Cyborg is getting an alternative character dlc costume skin with the Teen Titans Go! update. Along with Robin from the "LEGO Batman Movie" which will get 2 new versions, one being Nightwing and the other being his Teen Titans Go! Robin counter part. But there is no word of the last titan member Starfire. Who during "LEGO Batman 3:Beyond Gotham" was a fan favorite and was brought to life via fan power and free DLC. The LEGO Batman Movie IP in lego dimensions got 2 packs so I hope teen titans go releases a team pack and a fun pack to make the team up complete. Seems like a lot of effort to get the titans together via other packs integration for them not to include her. Power Puff girls have been confirmed to be in development for better minifigure models and we get a glimpse of there house in Townsville. I hope LEGO City Undercover gets more than an Adventure World and continues where the last game left off, not just a re telling of the story.