KrimReacts #61: VEGETA VS. SASUKE RAP BATTLE!!! (Extended & Remastered From The Infinite Source)

Time to take the battle to the other side! Who will win this one? Only one way to find out! Enjoy!Original Video Link: Infinite Source's Channel:**No Copyright Intended**Let's keep the rap battles coming, Infinite Source! My subscribers are loving both them, and my reactions to them! lolFollow me on Twitter: my Facebook Page: Seen over on YouNow! Download the Free App, and catch me live when you least expect it!!!***Possible Patreon Account Coming Soon******GoFundMe Account Up And Running As Well***I'm on the Path to 500 subscribers, and it's looking great!!! As always, thank you all for the support that you've given me so far with this project, and let's keep it going strong!