I'm Gonna Be Ready - Yolanda Adams, "Believe" released Dec 04, 2001

Yolanda Adams is a Grammy award winning singer who has merged contemporary R&B with gospel music. Though her musical style has sometimes raised eyebrows amongst the more conservative of the Christian church, her crossover appeal has helped the music to spread into the secular world. She was originally a teacher and part-time model but eventually gave up teaching to concentrate on her music career. Her debut album was 1988's Just As I Am which reached the top of the US Gospel charts. As time progressed and her albums were released, she developed her delivery to incorporate a modern urban style while remaining true to her spiritual roots. She soon found approval from both sides of the religious debate.DISCLAIMER:NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I OWN ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THESE VIDEOS (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED). COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL OWNERS. MUSICAL VIDEOS POSTED ON THIS CHANNEL ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.