Frost Mage Legion PVP Guide - Venruki's Essential Frost Mage Guide

Venruki takes a look at Frost Mage in World of Warcraft: Legion. Showing you the essentials to burst damage, defense and more, to make sure you're ready to hit the arena or rbgs with the best possible chance of obtaining gladiator this season. Thank you for watching. If this guide helped you please leave a LIKE, to know when I upload SUBSCRIBE!Twitch ► Twitter ► ►'s Outro Music ► Cages - Don't You KnowXaryu - Twitch ► ► - 00:00Talents - 01:45PVP Talents - 06:27Damage - 11:45CC - 14:16Defense - 16:05Macros/Keybinds/Pets - 19:28Addons/Conclusion - 24:13Thanks for watching!Like & Subscribe!Check out these awesome videos►►