Dumbest World Records

From the largest dog wedding to the longest burp, here are the dumbest world records ever. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos.15- Farthest Squirting of Milk from the Eye – Raise your hand if you even knew you could squirt milk from your eye. Well, Ilker Yilmez from Turkey sure did – in 2004 he snagged the world record for distance, shooting milk from his eye a distance of 9 feet, 2 inches!14- Loudest scream: Plug your ears and get ready for the next spot on our list. The loudest scream was recorded as 129 dB in 2000 by a British teacher, Jill Drake. I would hate to be a kid who misbehaves in her classroom! 13- Most Married Person – 23rd times a charm for 69 year old Linda Lou Taylor of Indiana. She has been married a whopping 23 times, securing her a world record. She says she would definitely get married again, as she gets lonely. 12- Hardest kick to the groin – This one’s gonna hurt. Kirby Roy received a 22 mph groin kick from American Gladiator and MMA Justice Smith which held over 1,100 lbs of force. This stunt landed Roy his very own cringe-worthy world record. 11- Man Eats an Entire Aircraft: This may be one of the dumbest world records, but it is definitely the weirdest. Notorious for eating inedible objects, such as televisions, bicycles and shopping carts by having them chopped up into tiny pieces, Michel Lotito – aka Mr. Eat All – decided to eat a plane. It took him 2 years to finish his meal and won him his record.10- Largest Dog Wedding: In 2007, 178 canine brides and grooms barked “I Do” at a ceremony preceded over by Jill Kobe. This won them the record for Largest Dog Wedding – the best part? The dogs met at a speed dating event held right before the ceremony.9- Fastest bed maker: Working at a hotel has come in handy for record holder Andrea Warner, as it helped her hone in on her bed making skills. She can make a bed in just 74 seconds, including a fitted sheet, top sheet, two pillowcases, a fully buttoned duvet and bed runner.8- Most number of candles extinguished by farts: His parents must be so proud. In early 2016, Gerard Jesse set the world record for the most candles extinguished with a series of 5 farts, with the help of a long tube and a courageous friend.7- Most Snails on Face: While most 11 year olds are playing baseball or riding their bikes, Fin Keheler, had a very different pastime. On his 11th birthday, Fin let his friends and neighbors cover his entire head with snails – keeping them on for 10 seconds.6- The World’s Longest Burp – Did you know there was such a thing as the World Burping Federation? Well, there is – and in 2012 it handed out the world record for longest burp. This honor went to Tim Janus, a competitive eater and pizza chef. His burp lasted 18.1 seconds.5- Most number of watermelons sliced open on someone's stomach in one minute: This takes a steady hand and a very brave assistant. Using just a machete and a prayer, Australian Jim Hunter chopped 25 watermelons in half – and Celia Curtis lent him her stomach as his cutting board.4- Most numbers typed out on a typewriter – Lee Stewart was awarded the record for most numbers typed out on a typewriter when he successfully typed out the numbers one to one million. It took him 16 years, seven typewriters and one thousand ink ribbons to complete this task.3- Largest Collection of Smurf Memorabilia – Here’s one to be proud of – Stephen Parkes has collected over 1061 different pieces of Smurf memorabilia. From dolls to figurines to windmills – if there’s a Smurf on it, Stephen probably owns it.2- MOST STEPS WALKED BY A DOG BALANCING A GLASS OF WATER – An Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix named Sweet Pea holds this record and can walk 10 steps backwards upstairs and 10 steps forward down stairs while balancing a glass of water on her head.1- Man with most number of stupid world records - It only took Ashrita Furman 1 minute to crush 80 eggs with his head – talk about having egg on your face! Furman is no stranger to setting records – he currently holds 300 records – from jumping jacks to running a mile while balancing a baseball bat to jumping on the world’s smallest pogo stick. What some people will do for attention!If you could set a world record for something, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos like this one. Thanks for watching!