Arcane Mage 7.1.5 PvE Guide

Talents: Stat Weights: 5:50BiS: 9:45Trinkets: 11:33Artifact Path: 12:30Opener: 13:36Conserve: 16:18Legendaries: 20:504 Set: 26:23Syncing AP/MoA/PoM: 28:13AO viability: 31:40Arcane APL: 33:53Haste Breakpoints: 37:15Fire vs Frost vs Arcane: 41:53My Written Guide: Sims: Breakpoints:'s Trinket List: Flux Video: Still testing, haven't gotten a build that is better ST yet, even with legendaries :/Legendaries Video: More Arcane Mage resources at: Twitch: Auras: Weak Auras (Old): support through Patreon, Twitch, comments, suggestions, or continually watching my videos is much appreciated!Patreon: