ALL LEGO Dimensions Characters - Up to Year 2 Wave 2 + Exclusives!

Here's a look at all characters of LEGO Dimensions in their physical forms. This is up to Wave 6, or Year 2 Wave 2. New additions include LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog, Gremlins, Fantastic Beasts, E.T., and more Adventure Time!71228 Ghostbusters Level Pack71229 DC Comics Team Pack71230 Doc Brown71233 Stay Puft71234 Sensei Wu71235 Midway Arcade Level Pack71236 Superman71237 Aquaman71238 Cyberman71239 Lloyd71240 Bane71241 Slimer71242 New Ghostbusters: Play the Complete Movie71244 Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack71245 Adventure Time Level Pack71246 Adventure Time Team Pack71247 Harry Potter Team Pack71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack71251 B.A. Baracus71253 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Play the Complete Movie71256 Gremlins Team Pack71257 Tina Goldstein71258 E.T. 71285 Marceline the Vampire Queen71340 Supergirl71342 Green Arrow 71201 Back to the Future Level Pack71202 The Simpsons Level Pack71203 Portal 2 Level Pack71204 Doctor Who Level Pack71205 Jurassic World Team Pack71206 Scooby-Doo Team Pack71207 Ninjago Team Pack71209 Wonder Woman71210 Cyborg71211 Bart71212 Emmet71213 Bad Cop71214 Benny71215 Jay71216 Nya71217 Zane71218 Gollum71219 Legolas71220- Gimli71221 Wicked Witch71222 Laval71223 Cragger71227 Krusty71231 Unikitty71232 Eris