5 Craziest Catfish Stories Ever!

So if youre unfamiliar with the term catfish, ill give you a quick briefing.A catfish is someone who lures someone into a relationship, however they are not who they claim to be.It mostly happens online where a catfish is using fake pictures and their motives can range from financial gain to just playing with peoples hearts.So in this list ill be showing you 5 of craziest catfish stories ever told!-------------------------------------------------------Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/more5Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialAll5Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sam_all5Website: http://www.All5.me-------------------------------------------------------5) Brian Hile 29 year old Brian Hile was a victim of a catfish.He met a gorgeous women online and she was everything he ever wanted.He was so in love with his online girlfriend he did anything to keep her happy.This included sending large amounts of money.Obviously the two never met and when Brian finally realized hes been catfished and scammed, he set out for revenge.The real person behind the catfish was a scammer from South Africa.Brian who's from America really couldn't do anything yet he was so upset and wanted revenge that he hatched a plan.He didn't go out to get revenge on the catfish but rather on the innocent woman who's pictures were used.He managed to track down the woman's name & address and planned to get her.Luckily Brian's parents realized something wasn't right and contacted the police.The police found Brian just a mile away from the woman's home.In the trunk of his car they found duct tape and zip ties.4) Natalia BurgessNatalia Burgess was a serial catfisher from Auckland New Zealand. She created numerous fake profiles on online dating sites.She lured guys in and created stories that made the guys fall in love with her.After weeks of creating the perfect girl for these guys she had them exactly where she wanted them.She agreed to meet her online lovers but just before the date she would send off her character.She would even go as far as to set up a fake memorial page.The grief filled messages she would receive gave her a kick and that's why she did it. Its a pretty weird thing to do, however eventually her crazy game to an end.She was found out and even sentenced to 2 years and 2 months for her deception.3) Sebastian Pritchard-JonesSebastian Pritchard-Jones was a tall dark and handsome school teacher.He was a serial dater too, having had online relationships with many women.However all his girlfriends eventually got fed up.The reason being, he always cancelled his dates at the last minute.If his girlfriend got angry or upset he would send her this picture of a perfume bottle.The note basically says if he didn't want to meet her why would he have purchased perfume for her.As you've probably figured out Sebastian isn't real.Hes a catfish and was found out when one eagle eyed woman spotted something off about the picture.In the reflection of the perfume bottle it clearly shows a larger woman taking the picture.This woman was the real Sebastian, and no one knows her motive.When confronted she refused to answer any questions. 2) Chris OlsenItalian businessman Chris Olsen swept Sarah off her feet.The two met online and Chris was the perfect man for her. However there was an issue.Chris was working out in Africa and couldn't meet Sarah without some financial help.Sarah being blinded by love sent Chris more than a million dollars over the course of 18 months.Despite Chris clearly being a scammer and not an Italian businessman, Sarah refused to believe shes been catfished.She shared her story on the Dr.Phil show, and said shes 95% sure it isn't a scam.Shes also very confident the two will marry someday.1) Lori DrewBy far one of the most shocking catfish stories comes from a woman named Lori Drew.When Lori's daughter had a fight with her best friend Megan, Lori set out to get revenge.Despite being a grown adult with a teenage kid she decided to catfish her daughters friend.She created a fake myspace profile of a boy named "Josh Evans".He was a handsome young guy and the perfect tool for her plan. Josh and Megan began chatting and quickly grew very close. After a long time of painting the perfect picture Lori decided it was time.She wrote a load of very nasty messaged to Megan from Josh's profile.The messages were extremely hurtful, in fact they hurt Megan so much she ended herself.Yes a grown adult catfished a teenage girl because she had a petty little argument with her daughter, which ultimately led to the girls ending.