11 Creepiest Urban Legends Which Turned Out To Be True

Top 11 most creepy and terrifying urban legends that we all thought were fake, turns out these insane stories were all true!Subscribe to Crypto Queen http://goo.gl/n0evle6 - The Toxic LadyThe legend goes that a woman patient is admitted to a hospital complaining of strange pains, a doctor makes a small incision, when boom! Toxic rancid fumes begin to pour from the body, all the nurses and doctors in contact with the patient suddenly become violently ill and die. This urban legend is common in medical school locker rooms and hospital water coolers. Now for the real scary part, this legend is based on fact. In 1994, a woman suffering from cervical cancer was admitted to the emergency room of Riverside General Hospital...5 - Black WaterThe sordid story tells of a family moving into a new home, everything in the house is perfect, except that the water which spills forth from the sinks and showers are completely black. The black water is the result of a liquefied decomposing body. Now for the real horror, in 2013, guests at the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles notices a foul smell in their tap water which began to turn dark. They continued to use the water for about a week before complaining to hotel management. Turns out the body of a college student was inside one of the water tanks. No one knows how the student died or found their way into the tank. But beware of black tinted water! Phone Calls From the Dead 4 - We've all seen those late night horror movies where a person dies and their relatives or their killers begin to receive strange calls from the deceased. But who knew this creepy ghost story is actually true! In 2008, after a horrific train crash in California, relatives of Charles Peck began to receive phone calls from the Peck's phone, but all they could make out was crackles of white noise and static. Peck's phone inexplicably sent out 35 calls and was used to find his body in the wreckage. His body was found mangled and burnt, he was thought to have died on impact, but his cell phone was never found. 3 - The Body Under the Hotel Mattress How many times have you checked into some seedy motel and smelt an awful stench, maybe next time you should check under the bed. As hideously disturbing as this idea is, a corpse has been found under a hotel mattress more than once. Way more than once. In 2003 a man checked into the Capri Motel in downtown Kansas City and immediately began complaining of a foul stench, he spent three nights in the room before finally peeling back the mattress only to discover the rotting remains of a previous tenant. In 1996 a woman's body was found under a mattress in the Colorado Boulevard Travelodge in Pasadena California, the corpse had been decomposing for ten full days before she was discovered after numerous complaints from assorted guests. In 1999 a German couple spent the night in the Burgundy Motor Inn in Atlantic City New Jersey, little did they know they were sleeping on the remains of Saul Hernandez, who was only found the next day by the hotel manager after a long list of complaints, including a hideous smell. 2 - The Atomic Wedgie We've all seen the stunt done in television and movies, the poor nerd gets into it with the nasty jock and ends up getting his underwear pulled up over his head, and the massive hysteria of laughter ensues. But could this silly yet sinister act of bullying actually be deadly? Well for one unfortunate soul it was. In Oklahoma a 34-year-old man was arguing with his 58-year-old step dad, fueled by alcohol, the debate intensified. As yelling and shouting weren't getting his point across, the stepson decided to take drastic action. Grabbing up his stepdad's undies the young man gave a wild pull, yanking the undergarments up and over his head. In an unfortunate twist of fate, the waistband became ensnared around his throat and the stepdad died almost instantly. As the stepson was getting arrested he maintained that the fatal wedgie was revenge for all the horrible years of mistreatment and bullying he had endured from his hated stepfather.1 - Bugs on the BrainThis urban legend usually involves spiders laying eggs in your skin, which days later will burst from your flesh making for a horribly painful disgusting scene. As gross as this legend is, it is, I'm sorry to say, based on fact. A woman in Britain named Rochelle Harris returned home from Holiday in Peru, as time passed she began to hear horrible scratching noises inside her head. When the hideous sounds became louder and with it a terrible pain in her head she went to the doctor. Oh, and did I mention that a fly flew out of her ear? Yuck. The doctor found a nest of maggots living inside her ear canal. Double Yuck!